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Prospective Supplier Registration

Suppliers interested in working with Blacksands Pacific should begin the prospective supplier registration by following the steps outlined below. Registration is a simple process intended for use by suppliers seeking to do business with Blacksands Pacific. Please note that completing the prospective supplier registration does not imply a contract, or intent to purchase goods or services from prospective suppliers by Blacksands Pacific.


1. Carefully read the Prospective Supplier section in the iSupplier Portal User Handbook, which can be obtained by writing to us at the address below

2. Select the appropriate Blacksands Pacific Subsidiary/Country and complete the Prospective Supplier Registration Form.

If you currently have operations in multiple countries under one legal entity, select only the primary Blacksands Pacific Subsidiary/Country. Submit only one form for each legal entity of your organization that desires to do business with Blacksands Pacific.

3. Complete the survey included in the Prospective Supplier Registration Form. Requests without completed surveys will automatically be rejected.

4. If there is interest from Blacksands Pacific, you will receive an automatic email notification that your company has been registered and given access to the iSupplier Portal to provide additional information.

Registered suppliers will be inactivated if they do not provide the requested information or if they are not able to comply with Blacksands Pacific’s policies and procedures.

Office of Procurement and Purchasing

Blacksands Pacific Energy Corporation, Inc
11601 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 500
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*Suppliers in other regions outside of the United States should write to the local Blacksands Pacific Office.