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Blacksands Pacific works throughout the world exploring for, producing, marketing and transporting crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and bitumen. We are committed to operating to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Our Business Overview

Blacksands Pacific’s portfolio includes long-lived assets in North America, Africa, and Asia Pacific; growing North American shale and oil sands businesses; several major international development projects; and a global exploration program.

Blacksands Pacific is constantly increasing its proved oil and natural gas reserves through:

  • Strategic acquisitions near established producing areas in order to expand the company's position in its core regions;
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to extend the life of mature oil and gas fields and help to reach and extract some of the least accessible reserves; and
  • Exploration in targeted areas utilizing advanced technologies to reveal previously untapped oil and gas reservoirs.

Blacksands Pacific is a Delaware, United States Corporation with Corporate offices in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California and with regional offices in Africa. In total, Blacksands Pacific maintains operations or interests in 10 countries.