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Group Structure

Blacksands Pacific is structured on three levels: the Trustees of Blacksands Pacific (the shareholders); the Group (the Holding Company); and the businesses within the Group (our operating companies and investments portfolio).

Group Structure

The Trustees

Blacksands Pacific is privately owned. The Trustees of Blacksands Pacific are our majority shareholders with eighty one percent holdings (81%). They hold the shares and assets of the Group for the benefit of current and future members of the R. J Brennerman family. There are two sets of Trustees: the Corporate Trustee and the Executive Trustees.

The Group

The Blacksands Pacific Group, Inc. -the holding vehicle for the Blacksands Pacific’s oil and gas interests - is a corporation held by The Jefferson III Trust I and Alphablue Trust I. The Group has a Board of five members and Eight Executive Officers. The Non-Executive Directors include the Corporate Trustee and others. The Executive Officers include the Group Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

The Group Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Blacksands Pacific Group, Inc. Board and the Holding Company.

The businesses within the Group

Blacksands Pacific incorporates two subsidiaries - Blacksands Pacific Energy Corporation, Inc. and Blacksands Pacific International Limited - through which we invest and operate our three core business areas: oil and gas, mining and infrastructure and real estate. Each subsidiary has control over its own balance sheet.

Blacksands Pacific’s core business is Oil and Gas, including Upstream Exploration and Production, Midstream Trading, Transportation and Marketing, Gas and Power, and oilfield services.

Blacksands Pacific Energy Corporation, Inc. is the main operating subsidiary in North America with subsidiaries including Blacksands Pacific Energy Trade & Supply, LLC, Blacksands Pacific E & P Services LLC, Blacksands Pacific Canada Energy Corporation, and Blacksands Pacific Energy Holdings, LLC which holds the various E & P asset portfolio through sub-subsidiaries.

Blacksands Pacific International Limited is the main operating subsidiary for our International businesses with subsidiaries including Blacksands Pacific Energy Services Limited, Blacksands Pacific E & P Services Limited and the regional sub-subsidiaries investing and operating in the Africa and South East Asia countries where we invest and operate.

Group Structure