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Supplier Overview

Welcome to Blacksands Pacific's supplier web pages, which provide orientation, support information and tools for prospective or registered suppliers.

The Blacksands Pacific Group, Inc and its subsidiaries and BSP Cherokee are referred to as "Blacksands Pacific" in these webpages.

Prospective Supplier

Blacksands Pacific invites prospective suppliers to complete the prospective supplier registration, which can be obtained by writing to us at the address specified below. To learn more about our operations, please browse the Operations pages under Our Businesses. Please note that completing the prospective supplier registration does not imply a contract, or intent to purchase goods or services from prospective suppliers by Blacksands Pacific.

Registered Suppliers

To access Blacksands Pacific information and tools for registered suppliers, visit the Registered Suppliers page.

Registered Supplier Information Modification

Blacksands Pacific considers it critical that suppliers keep all supplier data current. If there are any changes in your company information, such as: legal entity name, addresses, bank accounts, tax ID, legal structure, iSupplier Portal - Supplier Security Administrator, etc., please complete and submit the Registered Supplier Information Modification Form to us at the address below.

Office of Procurement and Purchasing

Blacksands Pacific Energy Corporation, Inc
11601 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 500
Los Angeles, California 90025

*Suppliers in other regions outside of the United States should write to the local Blacksands Pacific Office.